France Garrido, born in NYC, is best know for her, hand cut, highly detailed & intricate collage/mixed media works that exemplify

    the Visionary & Surrealist genre.  Incorporating sacred geometry, specifically the circle & the circle in the square. 


    At a young age her family moved from an urban setting, to a rural one, it was here that her love of nature was sparked; she was

    allowed to wander freely and explore the woods and all that presents itself in nature.   While in middle school she visited

    the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, where she witnessed Dali’s ‘The Crucifixion’.  She was transfixed; everything around

    her seemed to vanish.  Standing in front of this painting cemented in her a compelling desire to be an artist! 


    Awarded a private grant to study the Mexican Mural Masterpieces in Mexico City, Cuernavaca and Taxco had a profound influence

    on her art making; witnessing first hand the work of Siqueiros, O’Gorman, Rivera, Kahlo, Camarena, et al.


    Simultaneously, she began her deep exploration into collage, which has grown into a lifelong passion.  She co-founded the                     Collage/Assemblage Society, NYC and became Jonathan Talbot’s, master collagist, studio assistant.  It was here that she

    was introduced to other techniques and best practices.  She has consistently developed her own unique visual language of mixed           media/collage.  Utilizing appropriated, self-generated and manipulated images along with objects, papers and a host of other                 elements.  Her content has been focused on Visionary and Surrealist genres. Hannah Hoch, Salvador Dali, Egon Schiele, cultures

    *(her own as well as others), nature and life have and continue to inspire her. 


    Her work has been exhibited at the Murphy Hill Gallery, Chicago, IL, the Noyes Museum, Oceanville, NJ, Phantasten Museum,                 Austria, Southern Utah Museum, UT and The Conference on Women, Beijing, China. Ms. Garrido has an extensive exhibition history       including venues located in NYC, Bali, Germany, Paris, etc.  Her work has been included in several publications focusing on Visionary       art, such as Gerhard Habarta's 'Lexicon der Phantasten Kunstler', a compilation of International Artists, as well as the soon to be

    released book '100 Peaceful Solutions for Women's Advancement Across Cultures'. She is affiliated with the Society for Art of                 Imagination & VA Gallery.   

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